Handicapping The Easy Way


"HANDICAPPING THE EASY WAY" is a software program developed ty Lone Star TracTalk for handicapping thoroughbred and quarter horse races using formulator 4.1 past performance files downloaded from The Daily Racing Form web site or  past performance from Post Time Daily web site.

"HANDICAPPING THE EASY WAY" analyzes current form, class, speed and pace to predict the outcome of upcoming races.  This is no pie-in-the-sky, get rich scheme.  It's just a good handicapping method that will help you make better choices when you go to the track or OTB. 

It is a no nonsense, no frills product.  There are no pretty graphics, exotic sounds, or artificial intelligence.  No data entry required.  It is as easy as 1,2,3.

"Handicapping the Easy Way"

 1.  Download a Formulator Daily Racing Form
race card and save it in the Forulator directory. 

 2.  Open the Formulator and export a race
card.  Make note of the directory
where the files are being exported because you
will need to locate them later.  If you
not change directory the           exported files
will go to the Formulator directory. 

 3.  Close the Formulator program. 

 4.  Insert the "Handicapping the Easy
Way" disc or locate it from your hard drive. 

 5.  Double click the "Handicapping the
Easy Way" icon. 

 6.  This will open a window, Microsoft Excel -
"Handicapping the Easy Way". 

 7.  Hold down Ctrl and hit M.  (with some operating systems a macro window
will appear. 
If this happens always check "ENABLE MACROS".)  Then hold down Ctrl and hit M.

  If you get a       message that the Macros
setting is to high, click tools, then click options, then click options, then click security,  then click Macros, and change the setting
to medium.  

    Close the progeam         and restart your
computer.  Complete step 7 again. 

 8.  A window will come up that says OPEN. 

 9.  From this window find and double click C

 10.  From the C drive locate the directory where
you exported the race card
and open it.  

 11.  This will show the exported files for the
race card you chose.  There should be
eleven files showing the track code and date. (for example
CD_110407 for Churchill Downs November, 4,           2007). 

 12.  Highlight all eleven files and click

 13.  After a short time a list of horses will
appear.  It will show the top four
for all the races in order of
preference.  You will see the race
number immediately in front of the horses.  If           you would like to see all the horses in
each race click on
Data from the tool bar at the top.  Under Data choose filter then click
"show all". 

 14.  Column A will show Rank Order, B the Track
Code, C the race date, D the race number, E the name of the horses, and F
a handicap number.  The smaller the handicap number the better.          When you see a 99 handicap number this
means there was not enough information
to rate that horse.   

 15.  Disregard columns G and above.  These are Excel formulas 

 16.  To print the results, highlight columns A
through F for all races.  When the
print option window come up chose SELECTION
before printing  

Running the program from Post Time Daily files is basically the same.   Instructions for running the program with DRF files and PTD files will be e-mailed along with the program.


Microsoft Excel

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